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Home Whitening Kit 

$150.00 AUD (60% OFF) $370.00 AUD

You have found our secret home whitening special! Mention this deal when booking!

Want Whiter Teeth?
Tired of Whitening Trays that don't fit well or Gels / Toothpastes that don't have any active ingredients?
Our Home Whitening Kit includes:
  • 2 x Custom-fitted Whitening Trays
  • 2 x PolaDay 7.5% Teeth Whitening Gels (approximately 12 applications)
  • 1 x Carry Case
  • 1 x Complimentary Consultation with a Dentist to assess your oral health and suitability
Terms & Conditions: Teeth Whitening is not suitable for people who have untreated dental disease including tooth decay or gum disease. Promotion limit one per person. Offer is valid while stocks last. Results may vary, consult with your dentist before going ahead with treatment.

Gateway Dental Health does not guarantee that any private health fund benefits are claimable for tooth whitening as it is classified as a cosmetic procedure. This promotion is NOT GAP FREE. You will be charged a gap if your Health Fund Benefit is less than the $150. In the event that the Health Fund Rebate is greater than the special price of $150 your health fund rebate will be claimed instead.

Questions & Answers

How White Will My Teeth Be?

- Results do vary person to person, depending on the type of teeth and staining. We will give you an idea at your consultation with the Dentist.


How Long Do Results Take?

- This will depend on your starting tooth shade, and the type of staining or discoloration on your teeth. Users typically achieve their desired shade within 5-7 days of daily 45-minute applications as per PolaDay 6% Gel instructions.

How Long Do Results Last For?

- This will depend on the foods & liquids you regularly consume. Generally results may last up to 6 months. More Gels can be purchased in future for 'touch-ups' and additional home applications. 

Will The Gels Whiten Crowns & Artificial Teeth?

- No our products will only be able to whiten natural teeth/the parts of your teeth which are natural. They will not whitening ceramic crowns or composite fillings.

How Long Does This Kit Last?

- The two included teeth whitening gel syringes contain enough gel for approximately 12 applications if used correctly.

Do I have to come see the Dentist?

- Yes, because PolaDay 6% Whitening Gels are a Dentist-Only formulation, you will need to come in for a health assessment and to fill out consent forms.

How Long will it take to receive my custom-fitted whitening trays?

- During your complimentary consultation with the Dentist, personalised moulds will be taken of your teeth. Afterwards, your trays and gels will be ready for you to pick up within 7-10 working days.

How Does It Work?

- PolaDay 6% is a dentist-only concentration that contains 6% Hydrogen Peroxide. As the Teeth Whitening Gel sits on your teeth, the active ingredients will draw out stained organic deposits from your teeth. 

Is It Safe?

- Yes. When used as recommended by your dentist all the products are completely safe.

Will This Cause Teeth Sensitivity?

- No when our products are used as recommended teeth sensitivity is not common. If you normally have sensitive teeth however, it is recommended you use a toothpaste recommended to help with sensitivity during the course of your treatment.

How Old Do You Have To Be?

- We recommend a minimum age of 18 years old to use our products.

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