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Welcome to Gateway Dental Health


For our very first official blog we would like to extend a warm welcome to you and say thank you for visiting our blog and our website. We believe that everyone deserves the best customer service and treatment possible, especially when it comes to your health. To do that we would like to take you on a photo tour of our practice, explain our beliefs and briefly talk about some of the ways we aim to be different!


Outside the practice:





















Please note that our building ‘Gateway at Centrus’ is on the corner of Slobodian Avenue and Holmead Rd, as sometimes GPS might take you somewhere else!



Reserved parking for our patients:


























Inside our practice:



























We take infection control very seriously:




















This is your chair:





















Netflix while you have your work done!























Your comfort is a priority:

















We have memory foam cushions for your neck and lower back!



Are you scared of the Dentist?

We know going to the dentist isn’t on the top of your list, but we believe that every visit should be as gentle as possible. We use numbing gel before all of our injections, and we are always happy to walk you through the procedures step by step. We also believe in giving our patients all of the time necessary so we can do the most thorough job possible and so that you never feel rushed.




No one likes a big shock when they receive their bill at the end of their appointment. We make it a point to always discuss the cost with you before going ahead with any major treatment. During our comprehensive examinations we will take all of the information gathered and put together a personalised treatment plan for you, sometimes with multiple options for you to go home and consider. Of course, we will always be on hand for you to discuss things and to answer any of your questions.



Comprehensive Examination

Why do we call our examinations comprehensive? It is because we believe that you deserve the most through and comprehensive health care possible. That is why all of our initial exams include:


  • Oral cancer screening

  • Jaw joint examinations

  • Tooth shade assessment

  • Tooth charting

  • Gum examination and gum disease diagnosis

  • Intraoral photos

  • Two high definition x-rays (if necessary)

  • Personalised treatment planning



We believe you should be able to have all of your dental questions answered, and leave your appointment educated and confident about your dental condition.


Our Comprehensive Examinations are $151.00 (includes two x-rays).


Call us for an appointment today on (07) 3493 0028. We look forward to meeting you!



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