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Are you missing a tooth in your smile?

Having trouble chewing?

What are the benefits of Digitally Planned and 3D-Guided Implant Dentistry ? 

Beautiful Smile
At Gateway Dental Health we offer Digital-Planning and 3D-Guided Implant Surgery. 
What does this mean and why does it allow for safer, more accurate and predictable results?
Implant Planning
- Modern 3D-scanning technology allows a three dimensional image of the surgical site instead of a traditional two-dimensional image only. When applied to implant dentistry, this means the implant can be  planned for length, depth AND width of the bone. This allows planning of the implant to within an accuracy of 0.1mm
- This three dimensional plan of the implant surgery site means a custom surgical guide can be fabricated, which in turn means the implant can be placed with a high degree of accuracy at the exact depth, location and angle as intended. 
3D Printed Custom Surgical Guide
Implant immediately after placement
Precision Laboratory Work
Predictable Placement of Multiple Implants Simultaneously
Detailed Laboratory Planning for beautiful results
Neoss Penguin RFA.jpg
Cutting-edge technology to verify healing and osseointegration
Use of 3D Diagnostic Technology
Multiple implants from start to finish
Implant Surgery with 3D Surgical Guide and the MIS Seven System

How much does a Dental Implant cost?

The exact costs always depend on the individual case and the complexity of the situation and require consultation with one of our qualified and experienced dentists. In general, Implants in Australia cost $5000.00-$6000.00 from start to finish.
Our Comprehensive Implant package includes:
  • Diagnostic and laboratory planning;
  • Guided Implant surgery;
  • Placement of the final tooth and all laboratory work;
For: $5400.00 per single tooth implant 
Packages are available for multiple units. Please call us today on (07) 3493 0028 to speak to one of our friendly staff who will answer any questions you may have, or book your consultation with one of our dentists today!
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