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Healthy Living

Welcome to our Healthy Living page and we invite you to join the health food revolution!


At Gateway Dental Health we are all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and eating well is a big part of the equation. The foods we eat and drink obviously play a big part in determining our dental health, and making the right choices in what we eat can lead to a healthier smile! We believe that HEALTHY people have a better chance of being HAPPY people!


This area of our website is dedicated to providing dietary suggestions and information on foods and drinks that affect our whole body, starting with the teeth.


Warning: Do not start any new diet or exercise plans without first consulting your GP or Dietitian to determine your suitability. Information found on this page are suggestions only. A healthy diet should be tailored to each person's individual situation and requirements.

Foods for weight loss

Healthy foods for weight loss

Foods for Healthy Teeth

Healthy diet options for healthy teeth

Foods that stain teeth

Top foods that will stain your teeth

Foods that won't stain your teeth

Top foods that don't stain your teeth

Top 7 Dental tips for Summer

Top 7 dental tips for the summer heat

Sugar and Dental Decay

How does sugar cause dental decay?

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