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Your health, our priority


At Gateway Dental, your health is our top priority. That is why we place an emphasis on meeting the highest industry standards of infection control, quality assurance and staff training.


Below are just some of the measures in place to ensure you and your family receive the safest dental care possible.


  • Water line disinfection - our dental chair, the Sirona Intego Pro, has an integrated disinfection system that provides permanent disinfection of every drop of water used in your dental treatment.


  • Room change over - after each patient, the dental chair and all critical fixed appliances are wiped down and disinfected.


  • Barriers - barrier films and wraps are utilised in addition to wiping and disinfection to enhance equipment safety, particularly on areas of high volume usage. 


  • Equipment change over - no non-fixed equipment is reused for the next patient and all single-use materials are disposed of.


  • Equipment sterilisation - all critical non-fixed dental equipment is steam sterilised before each use in a Class B Autoclave according to manufacturer's standards. All sterilising equipment undergoes regular checks and maintenance to ensure efficacy. 


  • Daily and weekly monitoring - regular equipment and maintenance checks are performed to ensure every aspect of your dental care meets the highest industry standards. 



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