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Ongoing Promotions


Please call us on (07) 3493 0028 if you have any questions about our current promotions!

Best Rates for NIB members!


We are proud to announce our participation as an NIB First Choice Practice. This means that with us, all eligible members of NIB are entitled to lower fees for all General, Cosmetic and Emergency Dentistry.


Please visit the NIB website for more information, terms and conditions and eligibility.

Arrange an appointment today!


Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme CDBS
FREE Kids Dental for Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)


Your child may be eligible for up to $1000 for basic dental services if they are:

  • aged 2 to 17 years 

  • are eligible for Medicare, and

  • are part of a family that receives Family Tax Benefit Part A


Please visit the Department of Human Services website for more information.


We are happy to help you check if your child is eligible, call us today. 


UPDATE Jan 2017 - Medicare has notified us that their new eligibility claiming system is not yet up to date. Therefore child eligibility and claiming privileges have not yet been confirmed. Medicare Australia has advised that they will be sending letters to eligible familes between Jan-Feb 2017. To our valued patients, if we hear back sooner we will contact you. Thank you for your patience!


$299.00 Home Whitening Special! (Normally $370.00)
Custom-fit trays with a 2-week supply of whitening gels!


MENTION THIS OFFER when booking!


Offer includes:


- Consultation with Dr. Chee, impressions and models for top and bottom custom-fit whitening trays;


- 2 syringes of Poladay 7.5% whitening gels;


- Complimentary fitting appointment, instructions and carry case.


Call us on (07) 3493 0028 for an appointment!


*Limit 1 offer per patient. Not applicable with any other offers. Gateway Dental Health recommends use of whitening products only after thorough dental examination and recommendation from your dentist. Gateway Dental Health reserves the right to refuse to provide treatment if there is a likelihood bleaching gels will harm your teeth.

Veterans Affairs DVA Claiming Here!
Bulk Billing for Australian War Veterans Gold Card Holders - Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)


Please contact Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) for more information, terms and conditions and eligibility.

Smile Evaluation or Orthodontic Consultations

We understand that everyone is unique, so our treatments are tailored to individual needs and situations. Email us a photograph of your teeth for a complimentary basic assessment of the problem and a preliminary list of treatment options that you can pursue.

For A Better Looking Smile

Book a 30-minute Smile Evaluation with one of our Dentists to discuss your concerns and requirements for only $75.00

For Nervous Patients

Call us anytime to book a tour of the practice and to meet team.

ABOUT YOUR $75 CONSULTATION ($75 for a Thirty-Minute Smile Evaluation)

This initial consultation will be with one of our dentists.

At this Consultation we will discuss your exact concerns and requirements. We will then discuss the various possibilities of treatment with you, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages. This will enable you to gain further insights and more knowledge about your particular situation, so that you can consider how you may wish to proceed with your dental care.

This initial visit will also provide you with a great opportunity for us to show you similar cases to yourself from our extensive gallery of cases that we have treated in the past. This helps you to visually understand the possibilities available to you.

*Please note that this initial consultation appointment is not a clinical examination or clinical assessment of your teeth and mouth. We will be able to discuss and explain general options only and give guidance on how they may be applicable to you.

After this consultation, we can then advise you of the appropriate options for you.


If you have not had a full dental health check up recently, you may like to strongly consider booking a Comprehensive Examination for only $151.00 including full photographs, x-rays and treatment planning.




The suitability of options eventually advised to you will ultimately be dependent upon your clinical assessment with a dentist at the practice. At the comprehensive examination we will be able to provide you with specifics regarding your concerns. If this is what you desire please call us on 07 3493 0028 so that we can book you in for the appropriate appointment. Please visit our Contact Page for more details.

Our thorough and detailed approach is a signature of our service and commitment to helping you achieve your goals in the best way possible.

Once we appreciate and fully understand your long-term goals for your teeth and have carried out a thorough dental assessment, we can plan your treatment choices and review all our findings and suggested options. This detailed clinical assessment and treatment planning and smile designing begins with our one-hour comprehensive examination. For more details on what our comprehensive examinations include, visit our page Your First Visit.

Our Aim is:

  • To understand your situation COMPLETELY;

  • To make an ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS taking into consideration your goals and wishes for your dental care;

  • To recommend a CUSTOMISED IDEAL TREATMENT PLAN unique to you;

We achieve the above aims through a combination of your complimentary consultation; our comprehensive clinical examinations and assessments; and  any associated consultation or treatment planning. This allows us to achieve successful treatments that are cost-effective and long lasting.

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